a Bait Enhancing Powder second to none.

Creates a Gel base around your bait and keeps on releasing flavor into your swim for hours….

Enhance your catch rate by flavoring your hook baits with your favorite Venom Muti and dipping it in the Powder , mix it in when you make your mieliebomb , sprinkle it over your mieliebomb to Enhance your flavors or mix it into your SA Powder.

Create a sticky paste around your floats , mielies , dough , Tigernuts or just about anything you can think of even worms….

TIP: Replace the old plaster technique and dip your sinker in your favorite muti and dip it in the bait enhancer to create a gel coating that will last a long time under the water releasing flavors constantly….

Available in Almond , Banana , Caramel , Garlic , Honey , Pineapple & Pink Sweets flavors.


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